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PMC Company makes the insurance process easy.

Often times, when it comes to making an insurance claim from severe weather and exterior damage, many homeowners get confused, frustrated, and angry. Dealing with insurance jargon, premiums, rates, and procedures can be difficult, but with PMC Company, we make it easy. Our team is trained to identify damage, translate that into an insurance claim, and work on behalf of the customer to get the project paid for. Check out our insurance claim process.

Our Insurance Claim Process

From start to finish PMC Company is here for you. Our team meets with you, discusses with you, hears our any concerns and questions, and advocates on your behalf. Check out our insurance process - submit a "contact us" form if you'd like to learn more!

1. Storm Strikes.

In Minnesota, we know severe weather - and with severe weather, comes severe exterior residential or commercial damage. Your property just got damaged, what's next?

2. Call PMC Company.

Give PMC Company a call the moment bad weather strikes. Our project managers come onsite, assess the damage and complete a comprehensive exam. With that, they help you open an insurance claim and start the insurance process.

3. Adjustor Arrives.

Once the insurance company reviews the insurance claim, they send out an adjustor to validate the claim. Your designated project manager from PMC Company is onsite, and helps go through the issues with the adjustor.

4. Claim Is Approved.

Upon confirming the damage, the adjustor approves the damage and the claim is processed and finalized. A statement is sent to the homeowner that details what the insurance company will and will not cover. Your designated project manager reviews this with you and appeals if necessary.

5. Agreement Signed.

Agreement is signed based upon the insurance scope of work.

6. Project Begins.

Once funding is finalized, the project begins. Your PMC Company project manager is onsite, navigating material deliveries, worker questions, and project timeliness.

7. Job Completion.

Job is completed within insurance deadlines and final payment is collected.

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