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Interior Services

From commercial to residential, when it comes to interior services, we do it all.

PMC Company offers a variety of interior services, from demolition to drywall installation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and much more. 

Commercial Interior Services

Looking at remodeling your commercial space? PMC Company is here for you. Our team of interior remodelers are equipped to take your remodeling project from start to finish. PMC Company offers a variety of interior remodeling services, including demolition, carpentry, framing, flooring, and much more.

At PMC Company, our interior remodeling experts work only with the highest quality materials designed to give your space the most quality, durability, and appeal. Our experts pride themselves on their craftsmanship, and work hard to bring your commercial space from design to reality.

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Residential Construction

From kitchen and bathroom remodeling, to framing and basement finishing, PMC Company does it all when it comes to interior remodeling. Interior remodeling can be one of the most rewarding investments, can increase the value of your home, and can change the entire look and feel of your home.

Our team of interior remodeling contractors are trained to take your project from concept to creation. We sit down with the homeowner, go through your ideas and expectations, and discuss how we can make it a reality. From simple paintwork, to complex additions, PMC Company does it all. 

Interior Services

PMC Company is here for you from start to finish during your interior remodeling project. Check out our entire list of services!

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The first step to many remodeling projects is a properly managed demolition. PMC Company is here to help!

Finish Carpentry - PMC Company.png

Finish Carpentry

Whether its commercial, or residential, PMC Company can help you with any finish carpentry needed.

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Basement Finishing

Looking to finish your basement? PMC Company has you covered.

Drywall-Services-PMC Company.png


Looking for drywall work? Look no further, PMC Company is here for you!

PMC Company-Flooring-Flooring Services.png


Our flooring experts at PMC Company are here for you! Our team is trained, equipped, and ready to work.

Kitchen Remodeling-PMC Company.png

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is one of the most visited spaces in your home - make sure you love how it looks with PMC Company.

Painting-Services-PMC Company.png


Just got done with drywall, and need your space painted? Look no further, PMC Company is here for you!

Framing-Framing Services-PMC Company.png


Framing is essential to every residential and commercial structure - let PMC Company make sure it's done correctly.

Bathroom Remodeling-PMC Company.png

Bathroom Remodeling

Have PMC Company install the bathroom of your dreams today!

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