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PMC Company Exterior Services

Hit by the storm? PMC Company has you covered.

At PMC Company, we specialize in storm damage repair, and storm restoration. Our team of roofing, siding, gutter, and window experts are trained to assess damage, and help you get your insurance claim opened to get your home repaired as soon as possible.

Storm Clouds

PMC Company is your Hail & Storm damage repair company.

From hail damage and torn siding, to opening an insurance claim, PMC Company is here for you and works with you to get your home repaired as quick as possible. Our goal is to be as transparent with you as possible, and help you get your home fixed as soon as possible.

Checkout Our Storm Restoration & Storm Damage Services.

PMC Company offers a variety of storm restoration and storm damage services for both residential and commercial buildings. Our team is here to help you through it all!

Roofing-Installers-PMC Company.png


Your roof is your number one protector from the elements, make sure it's capable. The experts at PMC Company are here to help you identify the right roofing materials for your building.

PMC Company - Window Installation - Brooklyn Park Contractor.png


Windows are one of the largest factors of energy savings in your home - make sure to get the right windows with PMC Company.

PMC Company-Siding-Siding Installation-Siding Installer.png


Siding does more to your home or business than just offer curb appeal - it protects it. Let the siding experts at PMC Company help you find the best fit.

PMC Company-Gutter Installation-Gutter Installers.png


Gutters are pivotal in preventing water damage and pooling - the experts at PMC Company understand this and are here to help you select the best option.

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