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PMC Company - Our Storm Damage Services

PMC Company does siding installation.

Whether it be due to storm damage, or just aged siding, PMC Company is here for you with our siding installation and siding repair. 

Protect Your Home.

Siding is much more than just your home exterior curb appeal, it's the functional barrier to your home. It's important when selecting siding to consider the functional aspects, including durability, quality, hardness, and much more. Rest assured, the team at PMC Company can help you find the best match for your home.

With Minnesota's unpredictable climate, it's also important to factor in storms, hard rain, humid days, harsh snow storms, and ice dams. Failure to do so can cause cracks, water damage, exterior damage, and more.

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Check Out Our Siding Installation Gallery!

Looking for siding repair or siding installation? Check out our gallery to see some of our past projects, and our teams attention to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. 

Siding Installation Process at PMC Company.

You've decided you want to get your siding replaced - what's next? At PMC Company, we make your siding installation and siding replacement process easy - just follow our 5 basic steps!


Interested in getting your siding replaced? Give PMC Company a call, or fill out an inquiry form and have one of our contracting experts reach out to you.


After answering preliminary questions from your assigned project manager, PMC Company provides a estimate for your review. 


Once an agreement is made on the estimate, both PMC Company and the homeowner sign the contract and your project manager can start planning the project.


The project scope is defined and signed, all that's left is to pick a start date. Your project manager will confirm the date works, material will be delivered, and workers will be onsite.


Once the job is complete, final paperwork is completed, and the homeowner enjoys the finished product.

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Why Choose PMC Company as your siding installation specialists?

For over 30 years, PMC Company has provided the Twin Cities area with premier contracting services including roofing installation, siding installation, window installation and more. Our experience and countless projects have taught us many lessons, but more than anything, it taught us that quality speaks louder than anything else. A quality installation experience, a quality consultation, quality cleaning and job site cleanliness, and quality project completion is what people value most. PMC Company's siding installation team uses only the highest quality materials to ensure a job well done. Our team is committed towards making this experience as enjoyable as possible, delivering a quality siding installation, and making sure your home is protected. Find out why countless homeowners have trusted PMC Company to repair their home, give us a call today!

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